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Racial Wealth Divide: Why Housing Matters

— Maz

 Infographic design by Design Action Collective

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Housing, a cornerstone of the "American Dream," is the largest form of privately wealth held by families across the United States. This infographic draws attention to the intersection of housing as both a globally-recognized human right and as a commodity in a global stock market controlled by the wealthy. We urge readers to acknowledge the history behind the long-standing racial wealth divide and to consider the interplay between federal housing policies and risky financial practices and their impacts on the divide.

For more on housing and the racial wealth divide, see UFE's 2013 MLK day report:
State of the Dream 2013: A Long Way From Home

Tax Day and the Road Ahead

— ts
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Looking ahead on the tax front, the House, Senate and President have all put forward budgets. All sides are doing their best to appear willing to compromise, but before a unified budget is passed, House Republicans, Senate Democrats and the Administration will all have to agree on the specifics. In other words, it’s unlikely that anything will happen soon.

5.2 Million Hits and Counting! (A Web Video)

— Maz
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This amazing web video, posted by YouTube user, politizane, animates research about the dramatic differential between people's perceptions and the reality of the wealth divide in the United States. Their findings suggest that Americans overwhelmingly want to live in a more equal society—like Sweden's, specifically—but also that too many people just don't know how bad the economic situation has gotten.

June 2013: UFE Training of Trainers in Boston

— Maz
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UFE is hosting our renowned Training of Trainers Institute this June in our own backyard in Boston, MA. We invite organizers, activists, educators, students, and others across the U.S. who want to join and advance the movement for greater equality.

Responsible Wealth Says Goodbye to Bill Densmore

— Mike Lapham
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On January 19th, 2013 Responsible Wealth lost one of its founding members and a remarkable man, Bill Densmore, at age 88.  Bill was a loving husband, devoted father, and mentor to many, including me for a time. He was a passionate advocate for economic justice right up to his final days. 

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