Federal Taxes

President Obama & Congress: Tax US!

— Mike L
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In the State of the Union address, President Obama called for strengthening tax benefits for middle class and low-income working families, and for investing more in child care, early education, and higher education, including making the first two years of community college free. Responsible Wealth is gathering signatures in support of the President's plan.

October 2014: UFE Training of Trainers at Highlander

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Our Popular Economics Education Team is co-hosting UFE's renowned Training of Trainers Institute in October 2014 in New Market, TN, with the Highlander Center. We invite organizers, activists, educators, students, and others across the U.S. who want to join and advance the movement for a just economy, to attend.

UFE hosts Tax Week conversations coast-to-coast!

— Jamie Goldring
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What did April 15th mean to you? Well, it was Tax Day, for one thing—and though it may, for many, represent the very ordinary American ritual of (reluctantly) handing your hard-earned income over to the government, for us at United for a Fair Economy, it’s an opportunity. Very simply, it’s an opportunity to talk about why taxes (and the critical public sector for which they provide a foundation and ongoing sustenance) are important.

El Impuesto Robin Hood hace que La Bolsa de Valores Pague

— Brian Miller
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No hay duda que los republicanos sufrieron un golpe político para el cierre del gobierno sin sentido. Si hay una lección que aprender para el partido republicano (y todos los demás), es que el cierre del  gobierno y las paradas del techo de deuda son contraproducentes e irresponsables fichas de negociación en el debate político (sin mencionar una táctica cruel para millones de Estadounidenses, no sólo empleados federales y beneficiarios de programas de asistencia pública, pero para todos realmente). Pero lo que se aprende es que la lucha más grande sobre los impuestos y las inversiones públicas está lejos de terminar.

The Robin Hood Tax Makes Wall Street Pay

— Brian Miller
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There is little question that Republicans took a political hit for the senseless government shutdown. If there is a lesson to be learned for the GOP (and everyone else), it’s that government shutdowns and debt-ceiling standoffs are counterproductive and irresponsible bargaining chips in political debate.

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