Economic Disparity

Yahoo! Income Inequality is Reaching Mainstream Media!

— Maz
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UFE has been working to raise public awareness of economic inequality for 15 years, so this is certainly call for excitement. Yahoo News' video on income inequality, the first in their "Remake America" series, is accessible and deserving of the most views you can help to generate.

OP-ED: We Must Act to Halt Downward Spiral in Black Communities

— Wanjiku Mwangi
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UFE's Wanjiku Mwangi explains the urgent need for policies to stop the economic destruction of Black communities, noting three key reasons for the poor employment situation in those communities. She urges us to demand from our federal lawmakers a targeted job creation strategy that will lift up communities experiencing the greatest struggle.

10 Chairs of Wealth Inequality at Occupy Boston

— Maz

We assembled a street team and hit Dewey Square, home of Occupy Boston, for a creative demonstration wealth inequality in the U.S.—UFE's "10 Chairs" human graph exercise.

Please share this video or even go out and replicate the exercise at your local occupation to help spread knowledge of how devastatingly unequal our society has become. And, encourage others in your community to join and support the Occupy Movement in any way they can. 

Find & Join Your Local Occupation

— Maz
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The spirit of Occupy Wall Street has spread to thousands of cities and towns across the world. We at UFE encourage you to connect with your local Occupation and provide support in any way you can. See the map and Meet-up list below to get started. To learn more about the Occupy Movement and for ideas on how to get involved, read our blog post, "Occupy Now. Here's How."

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